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Job prospects for Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson Dinosaur

By now half the world has heard of Jeremy Clarkson's "Dustup over food", or at least he hopes you have and he would just like to take this opportunity to encourage millions more to sign his petition because he has run out of fake names to sign the petition.

It's a sad state of affairs when an out of control egomaniac is supported by the British Prime Minster.  Whereas  ordinary  workers up and down the UK would have been fired 4-5 gaffs ago.

I find it even stranger that other celebrities are lining up to defend this idiot, does that mean they agree with his views?

BBC, hopefully, will show some moral backbone and fire Clarkson and you know what ....The world and TV will still go on.

Trying to get ahead of the rest of the media, I thought I do some brainstorming about possible jobs Jeremy could try his hand at.


Jobs that might suit Jeremy Clarkson 

Write a Children's book -entitled  Tales of The Inflated Dinosaur

Jeremy could go into primary schools in costume tell adventure stories about Ego the dinosaur

Food critic for the Birmingham Post- a chance to rebuilt bridges after slating Birmingham on several occasions . 

UKIP candidate -a chance to espouse his  racist, homophobic, anti-Asian views  and get paid a lot less for it.

Anger Management Councillor-specialising in helping public figures confront their demons.

Public Relations Lobbyist -for Twyford toilets after bolting a toilet to a car whilst filming in India.After all, they have over 160 years experience of dealing with crap.


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Alternative jobs - butt wiper! Sorry minds still on butts

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