The Seeds of Revolution?
The Weight of a Nation

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In recent times we in the western world have see reasonable profit making be replaced by 

profit at all costs, profit at other people's expense (jobs when they are outsourced), profits at the expense of the enviroment (gas and oil companies).  Then of course you have the bankers 

and still 3 years on from the mess they made they still expect the status quo to remain the same!

Broken promises of politicians who also think the 2 party system will remain for ever!

Bureaucrats in Europe who think they can keep increasing their budgets!

Despot African leaders who kill their own people but still want grants from the UK!

Newspapers who don't let the truth get in the way of a good story!

The BBC had a pedophile in it's midst for 45 years but no one blew the whistle on him!

And now the Prime Minister is prepared to go back on his word and ignore the Hacked OFF petition currently signed by 140,000 after only 4 days.

Not to mention the vague promises to make sure Amazon,Google and Starbucks pay their fair share of UK taxes instead of shunting the money out of the country.



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