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UK Forest sell off....How did your MP Vote?


Last Wednesday MP's got there first chance to vote for the proposed sell of UK Forests.

How did your local MP vote on the proposed sell off of up to 15% of the UK National Forests?

If you are unsure go here       How did you MP vote?

My own MP, Conservative Mark Garnier voted for the sell off even though his constituancy is the Wyre Forest. The number of people who have signed the "Save our Forest" campaign has past  500,000 but still most Conservatives MP's voted for the sell off.

There are many people who have signed the petition and even written to their MP's but equally there a are many more who have not.   The people behind this land grab are counting on the British Public being apathetic....have you turned your outrage into action?

For the good people who have signed the petition have you asked your friends and family to sign yet? 

This isn't just about a bunch of trees as important as that is......this is about defending the rights of all of the citizens of the UK.  How can anyone party who leads the government at the moment and who only got 32.4 percent of the votes in the General Election sell off something as irreplaceable as ancient forests that belongs to the whole nation?  

This not like selling off the oil fields, water electricity or gas because those are commodities.  Our precious woodlands are not a commodity that the Tories can sell off to their buddies on the cheap.

They try to placate us with phrases like "we will make sure the public still have access etc...etc"  but how can the Conservatives sell something it does not own?  Can I come and sell your house and placate you with "we will guarantee you can still live in it?"

  • A government economic study released earlier this year calculated that our forests provide £2,100 in value per hectare per year if benefits such as erosion protection, pollution absorption, carbon sequestration, health provision are included. - The Guardian
  • Forests provide 167,000 jobs in Britain and have over 50 million visitors a year - more than the seaside! - UK Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology

UPDATE-Wednesday 9thFebruary, 2011

My local newspaper The Kidderminster Shuttle is conducting a vote to find out how it's readers feel about the proposed sell off.

They were asked this question:

Should the Forestry Commission retain control of our forests in order to safeguard their future.


96% of people are against this.

4% are for.




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