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Jobs that George could do

George Bush Junior


Just for a change, Chris and I thought with the US election just 2 days away we should all spare a thought for the out going President.  After all in many respects he has spent the last 8 years being the most important man in the world..but soon he will have to give up that power and hand over the missile launch codes to someone else.


Next January he’ll be scratching around itching for a new challenge.

Chris and I put our thinking caps on and came up with a bunch of useful suggestions.

Perhaps if our readers have a few suggests we can pass onto him in an email?



Jobs That George Could Do

Double-glazing salesman, because he makes me glaze over.


Special envoy to the EC to make sure America’s relationship with Europe remains strong?


Become a Washington lobbyist for some of his foreign friends


Go on the lecture circuit and speak about the damage that alcohol and cocaine can have on the mind and body.


Become a Minister for a Southern Gospel Church and speak about the damage that alcohol and cocaine can have on the mind and body.


Join Former President Carter’s house building project and help build houses for the new homeless of America.


Lobby congress for tax breaks if they own a hybrid or electric car.


Make sure Washington DC reaches its potential as the nation’s hottest wind farm.


Open a vegetarian restaurant on Capitol Hill called “Friends of Pork Barrels”


Design a simpler voting machine to prevent further hanging chads.


Invest in the future by grooming Bush children for the White House.


Build a legacy Bush library and stock it with big print books.


Become an Internet Motivational Speaker.


Due to its recent tarnished image form a new political party called the

New Republicans and seek advise from Tony Blair.


Write a best selling book, foretelling that weapons of mass destruction will be found in a remote underground complex inside the Kurdish zone of Iraq in 2012.

Evidence with also be found in the complex that Osama bin Larden occupied the complex for about 6 months in 2006.


Things He Should Avoid

Whilst hanging upside down in “Gravity Boots” George W became convinced that he owned MacDonald’s.


Write a second best selling autobiographical book called “How to be the leader of the free world for dummies”


Going to the remote parts of Pakistan as an Evangelical Preacher.


Advise his Governor brother Jeb to re-instate a hanging death penalty for anyone called Chad