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118--is the one I hate

When it was first announced 4-5 years ago that directory inquiries would stop having a monopoly, we were told as usual the competiton would improve services and lower costs. But as the truth dawned on us the service got worse and the charges went up.  I went though a period of suspended belief often asking for a number they could not find and yet they still saw fit to charge me. The never used to happen under the old system, if direct inquiries could not help you then there was no charge.  Why are these services allowed to charge so much, even if they cannot find the number you seek?

In my experience since the change from 192 BT run service, none of them seems to have a complete data base…it conjures up the mental picture that when the change happened one complete yellow pages was fought over and torn into 3-4 pieces. It’s a classic example of what happens when people ignore the adage “If it aint broke don’t fix it”.


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