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Hi! I'm the reddit comment you linked to. I have not been able to get my stuff taken off their website. Who did you email to successfully get your content taken down?

I'm ChicGeekJeanne (at) gmail.com

Kevin Ashton

Dear Jeanne,

Thank you for taking the time to find my post and read it.
Blogarama changed ownership about a year ago and this is when they started doing all this underhand taking of people's RSS feeds without permission.

First thing, google Blogarama and your name.
This should bring up any of your photos that are labelled Blogarama.com (see the examples in my post). Take screenshots so you have proof of their theft and write the details.

Secondly,be persistent, it took me a few attempts to make them take my material down. At first,their response was tough luck.
Be detailed in your complaint, try to keep your emotions restrained.

Thirdly, google DMCA Take Down Notice template.
Fill the form and send it as an attachment with the detailed email you send Blogarama.

Fourth, Since the change of ownership Blogarama is very cagey about who owns the company and shields that information.
The only name I ever got out of them was Andrew, so I suggest you address your emails to Andrew.

Fifth, If Blogarama still refuses to take down your material from their site then you need to send a DMCA Notice to the company that hosts Blogarama. Because the host will lose their own immunity from prosecution if they ignore your DMCA take down notices.
Not only do Blogarama hide who owns them using a company called
WHOISGUARD, INC. who are based in Panama, they also hide where the site is hosted. They use a network service called CloudFlare. But you can fill in an abuse form and they will reveal who hosts Blogarama.

The thing Blogarama didn't count is my ability to fight back.

If you google Blogarama you will find 2 links on page 1 to this blog post (via my google+ account) clearly telling the world that

You must fight back and use your social media accounts to spread the news, keep in touch.


I have just discovered they are using my content too, and I've been silly enough to list mysel fon their site for $9 a month which I have no stopped. I can't even sign into my account to shut it down.

Kevin Ashton

Hi Deb,
Sorry to hear you too are suffering because of Blogarama's desire to make money on other people's content whatever way they can.
Please read my reply to Jeanne for advice on how to fight back and feel free to keep me updated on how things progress.

Don't be put off.... Defend your creative work and share your experience about Blogarama on your social media sites as I am doing.

Best Wishes


Thank you for writing this. They have copied from my blog as well. It's actually slightly nauseating to see their ads plastered all over my posts.

Kevin Ashton

Thanks for sharing Cornelius.

I hope you will get Blogarama to take down all of your work so readers just go directly to your site.

Best Wishes


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